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Sep 9, 2021

Blockchain trends 2021

Discourse surrounding blockchain has steadily been moving toward applications and potential uses across a range of industries. At this stage, people have accepted that cryptocurrency is simply one application of blockchain and that the underlying technology that makes bitcoin possible is now moving on to other institutions. In this presentation we will speak mainly over the trends in the top architecture layer making connections to JS and other Front-end close technologies. Decentralized applications are, simply, applications built on blockchain or distributed ledger technology. This is where much of the blockchain work is being done at the moment. The topics of Dapps, Web3, NFT and dapplets will be covered.

Sasha Pitkevich Blockchain Lead
Sasha Pitkevich Blockchain Lead
Sasha Pitkevich is a Blockchain spokesperson and evangelist known for her work as Accenture Blockchain Technology lead and her current work as the Global Lead of EPAM Blockchain Business. Sasha is active at the public community space leading global Blockchain Professionals community, participating in the Ring of Ethereum Architects and serving as an advisor for a number of crypto startups.